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Where Do Your Donations Go?

By donating to the Tomb of Joseph Museum, you help us maintain the museum and continue to keep the museum free to the public. We love being able to share the story of Joseph Smith, Jr., and his family. Every dollar helps with the upkeep and updates to the Museum we make to ensure the best possible experience for everyone who visits

Donations and loans of artifacts and documents are also very appreciated, and help to tell unique stories of Nauvoo's past. We are seeking to help fulfill the revelation to Joseph Smith, Jr., for Latter-day Saints to "bring to Nauvoo, their precious things, such as antiquities, and we may say, curiosities, whether animal, vegetable or metalic: yea, petrifactions as well as inscriptions and hieroglyphics, for the purpose of establishing a Museum of the great things of God, and the inventions of men, at Nauvoo."

There are many other stories we would love to tell. Through your donations, we will be able to bring this story to life and expand on not only the story of the tomb, but also the impact the events experienced here had on the Saints and Nauvoo.

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Tomb of Joseph Museum

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